Painting Events

RAW - Raw Art Wrestling

The events are based on the concept of a life painting show in front of an audience.

Hanina Větrovcová Neck of RAW
+420 739 592 932

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RAW Analog

Analog events are unique for the variety of techniques that are used. Painters can choose their favourite- marker, illustration, acrylic painting, speed paint airbrush, spray, brushes, etc... The fun fact is that illustrators can paint on all kinds of large canvases and 3D objects- whatever you can imagine!

RAW Digital

The events are impressive for using of computers and tablets for real time painting show. Images that are in process of creating are transmitted from devices on large screen.


TagTool is a digital fun event when the created images are set in motion to one crazy moving party. It is based on real time light painting and animation, broadcasted on large screen from each tablet.
Illustrators draw using iPads withTagTool app. They share the drawing 'canvas', there is a possibility of cooperation of 2 to 8 illustrators.


You can let an artist to discover and create your alternative illustrated ego. Having your own funny portrait in your home have never been easier!