Sketchnoting is a visual representation for lectures, congress or presentations.

The drawings work not only as notes and records of a spoken lecture, but also as an archive for further use. For example, to summarize discussed information. Because the artist draws while the lecture is spoken, the drawings work as visual support for information given by the speaker. The illustrator must emphasise and clarify the information, find fitting visual shortcuts for ideas and thoughts of speakers and of course make it visual all attractive.

The sketchnotes are basic pictures and pictograms and are usually drawn on large boards. esides live drawing, sketchnoting can also be made from a record so the illustrator have plenty of time to make it rigorous and coherent. Sketchnoting can also be made in popular kind of animation that simulates the spoken interpretation by fast motion drawing and minor illustrations. We propose to create not only the visual part of the animation but also the copywriting, technical scripts, audio and voiceovers.