Natalie Sahulova


Managing director, client services


client service, senior project management, production, account handling, HR, PR, strategy, consulting

Natalie's experience with advertising business reaches back to 2004. She had started her career in Ogilvy and she has been working for the top global advertising agencies since than. Her main responsibility in DRAWetc. includes studio management, client service and project management - handling and supervising the studio projects - RAW, UL, BBB.

Vladimir Strejcek


Director, studio founder 2002


client service, production, storyboards, illustration, animation, comics, graphic design, concept, consulting

Vladimir’s experience with commercial illustration reaches back to 1998. In 2002 he started the DRAWetc. studio and together with his friends, he built a fullservice visual studio. His tasks are to accept new contracts and suggest the ideal solution on studio`s side. He is an expert in illustration licenses and Czech illustration scene. He also teaches basics of commercial illustration to art school students. In his free time, Vladimir writes comic book scripts.

Petr Fasianok


Visual Producer


client service, production, storyboards, illustration, animation, graphic novel, concept

Thanks to his vast experience in graphic design, illustration and animation, Petr choses the right illustrators and creative solutions fo the contracts to our clients. He handles budgets and quotations. He provides visual supervision and consulting. Petr has been in the studio since 2003, several pauses included.

Daniel Korta


Senior graphic designer


3D, animation, graphic design, motion design, apparel design, photo postproduction, GUI pixel perfect design

Daniel is the supervisor of the graphic design section of DRAWetc. studio. He develops the design for online and mobile applications, creates 3D scenes and objects for demanding CGI visuals. He is interested in graphic design, development of corporate identity, motion design and animation. Daniel has been a great asset for the studio since 2006 and functions as a technical consultant at DRAWetc.

Lukas Vodicka


Graphic designer


3D, CGI, graphic design, photo postproduction

Lukas is responsible for photo postproduction and difficult photomontages. Along with that, he is deeply involved in graphic design, new trends in corporate identity and commercial visuals creation. Lukas started off as an intern and after graduating in 2010, he was immediately hired into the DRAWetc. studio.

Hanina Vetrovcova


Neck of RAW


production, creative production, supervision and managment of events, event marketing

Hanina Vetrovcova has been working for DRAWetc studio since 2011 in production. Hanina, together with Vladimir Strejcek, has found the series of drawing competitive events Raw Art Wrestling (RAW). After the RAW had completed first succesful year, the second year has been extended by new discipline- analog nights. Analog RAW is the same art live battle in front of audience as the original RAW is, but there are canvases instead of tablets. Hanina is not just the main head of the digital and analog RAW nights, she has also a skill to costumize the art battle show for clients as a fun and unique corporate party. She had been working for such as projects like Desighblok, Czech Grand Design Awards, Design SuperMarket and Prague Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend.

Katerina Pokorna


Creative production assistant


production on field, PR

Katerina has started in DRAWetc. like a production intern and thanks to her education not only in production, but also in social media and communication was hired and became a member of RAW production crew.

Anna Trousilova


DTP operator


lettering, retouching, graphic design

Anna prepares materials for Lukas and Daniel. She retouches the photos that are then handled in larger jobs. She does comic book lettering and illustrations.