Vladimír Strejček

Director, studio founder 2002


client service, production, storyboards, illustration, animation, comics, graphic design, concept, consulting

There’s a lot I love about DRAWetc. The thing I value the most is that I never felt like DRAWetc. was a job. I don’t really go to work, I go to an atelier, a workshop. That is probably the greatest thing about the studio. And I also have my universe filled with various entities that I met through DRAWetc. and people is what drives me the most. They are the greatest inspiration for my free creation.


Petr Fašianok

Visual Producer


client service, production, storyboards, illustration, animation, graphic novel, concept

I’m part of the studio because it was founded by Vladimír some time around pleistocene and then in holocene our paths crossed and I haven’t been fired YET. I might have left to explore the world but I came back again. My work is a perfectly fitting combination of using my experience, never ending learning and the company of fellows I look forward to seeing every day.


Lucie Košťálová

Project leader

I have more than 10 years of experience in the advertising industry. I was always drawn to this business, partially because of its proximity to the realm of art. That's the realm I really enjoy exploring both professionally and in private. So getting into DRAWetc.was sort of a fullfilment for me. It is exactly the right place where my hemispheres join forces – the wild and creative one and the effective, business savvy one. Right leads the left, so that left can then dictate to right again. This is my world in DRAWetc..


Daniel Korta

Senior graphic designer


I’ve been in the studio for god knows how long… Might even be ten years. I like it here, otherwise I would have left long ago. I take care of graphic design, 3D, webdesign, DTP, animation, motion design and sometimes I even fiddle with some code.

I am grumpy but I’m working on it.


Mariana Klangová


After years of wild uncontrolled flight around the globe, I was looking for a job that would allow me to return to the same destination every evening. I found more than I was looking for in DRAWetc. Head over heels creativity, strict rules for punks and something new to learn every day.

I am the freshest of the team and I take care of the production part of the show. I’d like to define my role here to something more particular, but every day there’s a new challenge, something that requires different approach, new thinking. So I’ll just leave it at that.


Liběna Kubalíková

Senior event producer

What got me into DRAWetc. was Vladimír Strejček’s inspirational story. Also, it was fun to mix classic and punk into just the right cocktail. I take care of RAW. I supervise it, create strategy, concept, I have organizational and financial oversight and communicate with our partners.


Alexandra Kroliková

Mural art specialist

My favourite question is "where are you from?". I was born in Germany, spent a lot of time in Moscow, less time in Poland and now I live in Prague. I have been involved in curating, organizing and media support for international culture projects, especially in the field of art in public space. I document, popularize and protect monumental fine arts. I joined DRAWetc. at the beginning of 2018 and immediately got inspired by the atmosphere of organized chaos and purposeful creativity. I like opera and broken beats. And I like the process of transforming an urban eye-sore into an oasis of color.


Anička Trousilová

Ilustrace, DTP

I started my journey in DRAWetc. as a comic book letterer, assistant graphic designer and today, I am a fully developed and certified Illustrator. The realization that I could make money by drawing was stunning! The path was thorny, nothing was handed to me, but over time, it became a steady job and illustration became a more common task than graphic design. I’m still learning and still working on myself. But I love it because I’m “drawn” to it. See what I did there?


Jana Strejčková


My job is simple: accounting A-Z, including processing and handing in tax forms, invoice handling for clients and for contractors. I make sure the studio runs smoothly, take care of purchases and ordering repairs. I communicate with our illustrators and the inner studio team about invoices and finance.

I joined DRAWetc. in May 2008 and I am still enjoying what we do and the people I work with. Not a boring day in the studio!