We offer a wide variety of event activities and services for all ages, for your clients, management and employees.

We have an experienced team of illustrators and creative instructors at our disposal, who will motivate and engage your guests and create an inspiring atmosphere.

Live Illustration

This is an event during which your clients will get to watch the creation of an artwork in real time. We draw and paint either on canvas and paper, or use tablets with projection. This is a very attractive activity for the audience.


Sketchnoting is a simplified visual representation of spoken word on your conference, brainstorming or speaking event. The illustrator draws live according to a pre-approved script.

Doodle Noodle

Draw in into a pre-printed shapes and get your creativity going. This is a very popular activity for all kinds of events.


We will prepare big format color-in sheets for guests young and old, according to your input. Creative fun that connects people of all ages and walks of life.

Creative workshops

According to your wishes, we will organize an advanced arts and crafts workshop. Everyone gets to take their creations home with them, be it t-shirts, sneakers, handbags or just paper.


Right at the site of your event, we will draw original portraits of your guests - digitally or on paper. They can then take them home or have them sent by e-mail.


Our artists will create a live animated show right in front of your guests' eyes. To get a better idea, take a look at our TagTool video from the Signal Festival here.

Drawing lessons

An experienced illustrator will lead your guests through a drawing lesson. Topic and the subject of what your guests will learn to draw depends on the event and your choice.